Within the dynamic hospitality business, technology and innovation are the basis of success. As technology evolves, it always originates new prospect for novelty and improvement. Keeping up-to-date with the technological advances and retaining a leading edge are essential keys to attain the highest quality of service and exceptional customer satisfaction; an objective that one would highly care about. With its revolutionary set of features and unique architecture, i-cuisine is the leader for the next generation of hospitality standards.


More Business, Less Waiting
i-cuisine drives the operations faster than any expectation, offering More Business for the restaurant managers, and Less Waiting for the customers. With i-cuisine, customers will enjoy Less Waiting while they are at the waiting line, seated on tables, waiting for orders, or even requesting for a checkout. With Less Waiting, customers satisfaction, exact-size staffing, faster service, and higher reputation are guaranteed. This altogether means two words: More Business.


Operations Speedup
Faster operational speed and better customer service are a one-to-one relationship. Searching for higher speed? i-cuisine wireless infrastructure provides an instant real-time automation for most operations, saving any extra overhead of manual communication. Consequently, the restaurant services happen digitally, instantly, and in no time!


Powerful BackOffice
The best way to strengthen the restaurant business is to understand and improve any weak points it may have, which can be realized by analyzing the restaurant operations. i-cuisine provides extensive reports and graphs, on financial and operational aspects, that help analyze the progress and evolution of business on daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Profit margins, staff management, kitchen performance, daily menu, operational plans, meals popularity, and much more can all be revised at any time.

As any successful restaurant manager does his utmost to strengthen his reputation, growing his customer base, and building up distinction; whether it is in style, food delicacy, and most importantly, quality of service; we at Orfalis understand this need, and for this, we have developed and created i-cuisine!